Mar. 8th, 2016

kihou: (Journaling at Stonehenge)
This is the foreshadowed Hitherby Dragons playlist, which has a fair amount of existential stuff but also magical realism and stuff that just makes me think of specific characters.
  • 7 Stones, Lindsay Mac. This might have been the genesis for this playlist, because it seems like the sort of thing Liril or one the other Nephilim might do in appropriate circumstances.
  • In The Shade Of Angels, Eugene Friesen
  • Don't Be Afraid, The Paper Raincoat. This one also has the "simple action with supernatural effect" deal that I like.
  • Angel, Girlyman. "Somewhere in my bones I start to break, somewhere in my dreams I'm still awake…"
  • Suzie Q Sailaway, Resonance covering Self
  • When Sheila Dances, Homunculus
  • Bones Live Forever, Megan Slankard. I guess I found this song because Alex Wong linked to it.
  • Skeletons, Alexander Wolfe. For some reason, I'm really emotionally attached to the concept (from Guardians of the Castle, the rulesless "RPG" I played back in elementary school with Andrew Hopkins) that you can combine bones from various skeletons to make more elaborate creatures. This contributes to my love of "Skeletons decide to die by throwing bones away."
  • Wait For Me, Anais Mitchell. Hadestown definitely has the Hitherby nature.
  • Journey Through the Waste, A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time
  • Blank Maps, Cold Specks. "Every map is blank."
  • I Will Free Myself, Dar Williams. I definitely wanted one of her "In The Time Of Gods" songs here. "I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything" and "You Will Ride With Me Tonight" were also contenders.
  • Our Lady Of The Underground, Anais Mitchell. Love so much, very evocative. Hey, if I write a LARP based on this song, it won't technically be Jenna fanfiction…
  • Julie-O, Turtle Island String Quartet
  • St. Peter's Bones, Girlyman. <3
  • Rough Cut, The Paper Raincoat
  • Quick, Eddie From Ohio. You could probably say something interesting about μ identifying with Jane from Hitherby.
  • The Sea, Tomas Dvorak
  • Never Heard Nothing, Joe Iconis
  • Last Song, Jason Webley

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