Feb. 2nd, 2016

kihou: (Journaling at Stonehenge)
This is my response to Zan's playlist that had a premise I somehow can't find in my email, but was basically about explaining your identity. I made mine my normal length instead of the more restricted thing she had to do, and I guess it sorta ended up being more of a musical scrapbook than the direction hers went.
  • Quick, Eddie from Ohio. These first few are for my various canonical alters. This one's for μ. I've actually got a handful for her, but this one felt best.
  • Mamma, Cut Me Deeper!, Joe Iconis. This one's for Blood. It's not completely right, but can't beat the feel
  • Longing of the Wind, from CHRONOTORIOUS (based on Chrono Trigger). Naut was hard, and I didn't end up coming up with any options that weren't instrumentals. This one has a good feel and is from a game that both seems relevant and has "Chrono" in the name. (Bonus nostalgia playing Chrono Trigger on the Shinkansen going to visit Mika.)
  • Live With This, We're About 9. Nonny was also hard, but this one seems good and reasonably positive. Also, I really like it.
  • When I Was a Boy, Dar Williams. I'm not sure I have any songs that really feel genderqueer the way I am, but this seems closer than the more trans songs I have. You could say it's for Xiomara.
  • Voices In My Head, Joe Iconis. I like this a lot, even if it's a little plotty for a playlist. You could look at it as for the Committee or as a transition from the first part to "meaningful songs".
  • Always With Me, from Spirited Away. Even though I canonically say that Nausicaä's my favorite, Spirited Away had more of an impact on me, tied in with Area Studies and also my concept of "gravity"/meaning.
  • Do You Want To Build A Snowman?, from Frozen. Unsurprisingly.
  • I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack. Hey, I've still got the sign on my wall. Had a big impact on me from Alpha to Undergrad.
  • The 59th Street Bridge Song, Simon and Garfunkel. Hey, I played it in Science Olympiad on that thing with Flint. Those quarter note triplets! Also, mindfulness or whatever.
  • Sea Fever, Kris Delmhorst. Some of these I guess are just my canonical favorites, songs that feel meaningful but it's hard to explain exactly why.
  • Galileo, Indigo Girls
  • 天体観測 (Tentai Kansoku), BUMP OF CHICKEN
  • The Blessings, Dar Williams
  • Speechless, Girlyman
  • Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?, Kate Rusby. This one is probably the one I'm least able to explain. My inability to explain this song ties in with a particular memory with Sarah, though. ^_^
  • When Sheila Dances, Homunculus. Jenny Goldman's death had a pretty big impact on me despite my not knowing her all that well. This song's tangled up on that, but also quite powerful itself.
  • Only Trees, Natalia Zukerman. I care a lot about trees.
  • I Choose Me, Kate Klim. I really like songs that subvert listener expectations, and I also like the concept that sometimes it's good to put yourself first.
  • Code Monkey, Jonathan Coulton. It's clearly descriptive of my day to day life. ^_^ Also, that time I got all emotional explaining to Mom about the Code Monkey Dance.
Now, for my next trick, I need to actually figure out the tune for my Sassy Jazz Song.

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